S’Mores Pops

As odd as this may sound, I had my first true s’more experience this past summer on a camping trip. With that said I had my first true camping experience this summer…bear in mind I’m in my 30’s. No, I didn’t live a sheltered life, but camping apparently wasn’t on the forefront. Needless to say, it was an amazing time and our dachshund Sonny seemed to genuinely enjoy each and every second of his 48 hour leash-less frenzy with nature!

 A few days after returning from our trip I had a sudden craving for s’mores. Not having a fire-pit readily accessible, I had to concoct a different way of curing this craving.  Having all the ingredients on had and having recently purchased sticks for cake-pops, I figured why not a s’more on a stick…Genius!




Place marshmallow on a stick and set aside. Pour the finely crushed graham crackers on a plate. Heat the chocolate in microwave in 10-15 second intervals (chocolate can easily burn) especially one that’s not a “melting chocolate.” Stir after each 10-15 second interval to evaluate how much time is needed. Grab your marshmallow on a stick and dip into chocolate then immerse in the crumbs ensuring all of the chocolate is covered.  You can also grab a fork and dip in the chocolate then drizzle all over the remaining marshmallow. 

Keep in mind, the Hershey’s bar will not harden on the marshmallow; by covering the chocolate completely with the crumbs you’ll avoid having melted chocolate all over your counters.

 Now stick back and enjoy your s’mores pop!  

S'Mores Pops SmorePop1


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