Airport Snacks

Getting ready for a trip and wondering what snacks you could pack which are healthy and easy to transport?  Fill a container with fruit (apples, orange wedges, melons, jicama, etc…) squeeze fresh lemon or lime juice this will keep the apples from turning brown while adding another layer of flavor.  You can also pack veggies such as carrots, celery, bell peppers, cucumbers.  Keep in mind the length of your flight as some fruits/veggies do not hold up as well.  If you’d rather not take chopped fruits/veggies, no worries.  Fill a container with banana, granola bar,  string cheese, peanut butter sandwich, carrots (place in a plastic bag) nuts, raisins, yogurt chips, etc.  Place the loose snacks into a sandwich bag and then into your container.   These snacks will keep you from spending a fortune in the airport and will come in handy if your layover isn’t very long!

Your snacks are packed, get out there and explore the world!  Safe & Happy Travels!


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