Wine Night!

Tonight is wine night at my house, a few of my gals come over we catch up and nosh on appetizers…and of course sip on wine!  Our wine of preference is Cabernet, our girls night in are always enjoyable and filled with laughter!   I’m scrolling through my lists of quick, healthy, yummy, creative appetizers and in some ways am drawing  a blank.

What ideas do you have for “wine night” appetizers?

A peek at a few of my “wine night” spreads (and some outings involving wine), depending on the evening  you have planned you can create an elaborate or simple meat and cheese platter.

Wine_Night1   Wine Spread3 Wine Spread2 Wine Spread Wine


One thought on “Wine Night!

  1. Figs, dates, dates stuffed with a delectable pecorino cheese, grapes, olives, foccacia, salami, fig jam, cabernet jam, spicy mustard; all these create a fabulous and filling wine night plate!

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