The Salt Lick

When you think of Texas you think of two things, the saying: “Everything’s bigger in Texas” and of course Barbecue aka BBQ!  When you’re looking for BBQ there are plenty of choices, however nestled away in Driftwood, Texas is “The Salt Lick BBQ.”  Whenever hubby and I are in San Antonio, we make the drive and it never disappoints.  Bring cash as the restaurant is cash only (there is an ATM on premise) and BYOB…you read that right, BYOB!  They have begun making their own wines and have the most adorable vineyard on the property.  I was more focused on the meat, so cannot speak about the wine.

Driftwood is a little over an hour from San Antonio and about 45 minutes from Austin, there are two other locations; Round Rock and Austin airport, please make the drive to Driftwood.   The roots of The Salt Lick run back to Mississippi, visit their website for the bio; all I can say is, the family did it right!

As you round the corner before pulling into the dirt parking lot you’re engulfed by the aroma of the pit as the brisket, sausage, turkey and ribs smoke away (my mouth waters).   Immediately upon parking you take notice of the monstrous BBQ smoker. 


The building on the right houses the food and to the left, the wine!  Upon entering (on the food side), your eye instantly looks right to the BBQ pit where the meat is being marinated in their own sauce; the smell will consume you, it’s amazing!!!   

Salt_Lick4  Salt_Lick2

Seating options are inside or outside on picnic style tables.  As for food options, there’s a menu but I highly recommend the “family style” option.  You will eat A LOT, that’s a good thing.  The price can’t be beat, $19.95 for three meats (turkey is extra) and your sides, beans, coleslaw and potato salad (bread, pickles & onions upon request).  Trust me your plate will be filled as many times as you ask; and you’re welcome to take any extra’s you may have.  The brisket is tender and moist, you can ask for it wet or dry.  The turkey melts in your mouth and the ribs have amazing flavor.   The beans weren’t my favorite (sorry Salt Lick).  The potato salad is on the drier side but it compliments everything very well.  The coleslaw is vinegar based which makes it light and another great accompaniment.  We never save room for dessert, but the pies are made on premise and I hear they are well worth a bite.  All in all The Salt Lick has my heart when it comes to BBQ in Texas; the smell, the ambiance, the customer service, the moist and decadent meats, I love it all!

 Salt_Lick1  Salt_Lick7  Salt_Lick8

Don’t leave without purchasing your copy of The Salt Lick cookbook and sauce, salsa and dry rubs! Oh, by the way; you can order their BBQ online and yes, have it delivered to your home!


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