Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2014 everyone!  Thank you to all who have registered for email updates and kept track of the blog and its progress!  It means a lot to have a small following, hopefully this year I’ll see the list grow.

2013 finished off great, I celebrated a big birthday in Vegas with my hubby and wonderful friends now it’s back to work and back to reality, vacation is over (for now).  For those of us celebrating Three Kings day or Dia de Los Reyes, hope you’re all enjoying your “roscas” alongside your loved ones.

Cheers to setting and most importantly meeting all the goals you’ve set for 2014!  Focus on each goal one day at a time and be realistic, with yourself and your expectations.

A few of my 2014 goals are:

  1. Be better organized with my weekly meal prepping.
  2. Focus on becoming a healthier person on a regular basis, not only 2 days a week (shame on me).
  3. Post at least 1 recipe or tip every week.
  4. Be more creative with decorating my tablescapes with items we currently own that have been tossed aside…and possibly forgotten.

Raise your glass and toast to a wonderful, fabulous, fit and healthy 2014!  Buen Provecho!


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