New Year Goals

When we think about the “New Year” we usually connect it to change; what change we wish to see in ourselves whether they are physical, financial, social etc… Whatever your “change” may be, the biggest one that is promoted is health and fitness.  We see the stores stocked with workout gear and equipment and gym’s offering great enrollment offers.  We begin to tweak our recipes and adjust our eating habits in order to fulfill our goals and achieve what we’ve set-out to accomplish. 

With that in mind, I’m on a quest to find the yummiest, healthiest smoothies both pre and post workout; especially any which the runners out there drink.  I’ve signed up for my first ½ marathon and must have the proper nutrition in order to train and maintain proper energy levels.  Send in all of your smoothie recommendations and suggestions!   

Keep fueling on veggies and lean proteins, set weekly goals and get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.  Keep a journal and track your progress; and most importantly set realistic goals!  We’ll all reach our goals before we know it! 

Bueno Provecho!


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