Marinade Prep

I’m always looking for shortcuts to meals during the week.  A few years back I started marinating meats and chicken when I purchased them.  This was incredibly helpful after a long day of work not to mention it infused the meat/chicken with so much flavor!  For some reason I stopped doing this, but now with twins in tow and going back to work soon I must find a way to simplify our weeknight meals without sacrificing flavor.  Give yourself a hand during the week, once you purchase your meats simply season and separate them; place in freezer bags, label each bag with the meat and marinade and freeze.  Be creative, Italian, BBQ, garlic, teriyaki, etc… Each flavor will encourage a different meal and best of all you simply defrost and cook!  The hard part is done, not to mention the meat will be full of flavor since it has been marinating for a while!  A great benefit is being able to portion out your meats especially if you buy in bulk.  This is helpful if you’re cooking for one or ten.

Buen Provecho!


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