Hallway Closet

January’s declutter project was the hallway closet, aka “coat closet.”  This lovely space holds so much potential yet becomes utter chaos when that potential isn’t known.  Our closet became additional storage where anything and everything was just thrown in.  It took about 2 hours to get it situated and that was with 15mo old twins needing to be entertained, held and fed in between.

Before:  (I feel the need to point out that there are only two adults in this house, yet we have about 20 sweaters/warmies in the closet).

Hallway Closet

The first step is to empty the entire closet, or at least 90%, if you know the big items are staying you can leave them in. In this case there are two big suitcases which you can’t see because they’re hidden  behind the pile of rubbish.  Let me also point out, that once you’ve emptied the closet, this is a great time to clean this space, sweep/mop as well as wipe down the shelves and walls.


This wrapping paper organizer was a Pinterest inspo, using a shoe organizer. (This was the only organized area in this closet).


After: You can actually see the floor! We had attachments for our Kirby vacuum which we haven’t used/had in probably 3 years!  I purchased a pack of 8 wooden hangers from Ikea for less than $6 if I recall.  I, now have 4 hangers as does hubby.  All the other coats/warmies can go to charity or be nicely folded in your regular closet. I was even able to bring some of my cookbooks out of boxes and into the closet.  That cute grey and white stripped bag is where I store the arts and crafts for our twinkies.

image  image

Label and store everything in a box/bin, this way EVERYTHING has a home! Get into the habit of giving everything a home.  (Ikea’s wine cart is doing double duty as a shelf).


Share some of your before and after project organization ideas! Cheers to a tidy and organized 2016!



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