I was born and partly raised in Panama (my father was in the Army, therefore we moved A LOT!)  I have lived in various countries and states, which was, and still is a great experience.  Traveling provides us the opportunity to connect with the cultures and people all around us.    

On September 22, 2014 we welcomed our twin girls! After years of pondering if we should have children or not, there was a plan bigger than us!  Our little ladies have been on several trips with us and I’m now exploring the world of infant foods.  Both my husband and I enjoy traveling and exploring new and exciting places, and as our ladies grow we can’t wait to show them the world and have them learn new cultures and new foods! 

For me, meals and gatherings are a great way to reconnect with family and friends in a setting where everyone is relaxed and no one is in a rush to leave.  I love putting together a delicious and healthy meal for our family and friends and adding a creative twist to ordinary dishes.  My interest in food began at an early age.  At one point I considered going to culinary school, from time to time I still teeter with the idea of taking a few classes!  I enjoy learning new ways of preparing meals and testing out different spices and dishes and I love putting a twist on everyday meals.  The more I travel the more my passion for cooking and exploring new restaurants & cuisines grows.

My intention in creating this page is to share the recipes I’ve developed or modified over the years, as well as to maintain an archive of the yummy dishes which many have enjoyed. Most importantly, share a passion of mine with our little ladies.  Whenever possible I try to recreate a healthy version in order to cut back on fat and calories…but from time to time we all must indulge.  Many of my meals are quick and for those on-the-go who have minimal evening prep/cook time.  As the site evolves and my audience grows, you’ll find menus, tips, restaurant reviews and much more!  Check back often and subscribe for email updates!

Join me in exploring the fascinating world of food, and the tasty dishes waiting to be discovered.  A comer se ha dicho, buen provecho!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Not only do your meals have a fascinating taste, but the effort you put in every presentation really amazes me! I always said, you should be a ‘party planner’ from the menu to the decor!! love it!

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