Toddler Paint

I was searching the internet for a way to make a safe paint for our twins to use.  For the most part they’re over the everything in the mouth phase, but from time to time they think they should give things a try.  I came across various methods and ways of making my own paint.  This was the easiest I found, it’s literally two ingredients.


  • Edible aloe
  • Food coloring


Aloe paint

Add about 1/4 cup of the aloe to a container and 2-3 drops of food coloring.

Mix well, and let your little ones paint away.  See, it’s simple.

Aloe paint4

The aloe dries like water color.  Your little ones fingers/hands may stain it’ll come off during their bath time.  Make sure you do not scrub their hands to get it off it could irritate their skin. The first time painting our girls didn’t eat it, the second time around one of them found it tasted better than in painted.

I purchased this large bottle of aloe on Amazon for less than $11.00.


Hallway Closet

January’s declutter project was the hallway closet, aka “coat closet.”  This lovely space holds so much potential yet becomes utter chaos when that potential isn’t known.  Our closet became additional storage where anything and everything was just thrown in.  It took about 2 hours to get it situated and that was with 15mo old twins needing to be entertained, held and fed in between.

Before:  (I feel the need to point out that there are only two adults in this house, yet we have about 20 sweaters/warmies in the closet).

Hallway Closet

The first step is to empty the entire closet, or at least 90%, if you know the big items are staying you can leave them in. In this case there are two big suitcases which you can’t see because they’re hidden  behind the pile of rubbish.  Let me also point out, that once you’ve emptied the closet, this is a great time to clean this space, sweep/mop as well as wipe down the shelves and walls.


This wrapping paper organizer was a Pinterest inspo, using a shoe organizer. (This was the only organized area in this closet).


After: You can actually see the floor! We had attachments for our Kirby vacuum which we haven’t used/had in probably 3 years!  I purchased a pack of 8 wooden hangers from Ikea for less than $6 if I recall.  I, now have 4 hangers as does hubby.  All the other coats/warmies can go to charity or be nicely folded in your regular closet. I was even able to bring some of my cookbooks out of boxes and into the closet.  That cute grey and white stripped bag is where I store the arts and crafts for our twinkies.

image  image

Label and store everything in a box/bin, this way EVERYTHING has a home! Get into the habit of giving everything a home.  (Ikea’s wine cart is doing double duty as a shelf).


Share some of your before and after project organization ideas! Cheers to a tidy and organized 2016!


Mission Organization 2016

Hello all!  I’m taking it 2 steps back today.  A few people have asked what my plan is (if any) in my organization and decluttering and/or do I follow anyone’s plan.  Here’s how I’m laying out my mission.  I have found that with twin toddlers I can’t really have a “schedule” because each day can be different depending on the wonderful moods of toddlers.  What I do is each month I write down what I want to accomplish and I basically give myself the entire month to do it.  For instance January is the hallway closet and garage.  I’m not adding more because for those that have seen our garage, you know it’s going to take probably half the month to clean out.  I’ve given myself a realistic timeline (again factoring our lovely little ladies) of 6 months to declutter and organize this entire house!

Write your goals for the month on your calendar, where you have a “notes” section, not on a date unless you know for a fact you’ll be able to do it on that date.  When the time allows get to work and do not stop unless it’s done.  This is difficult if your kiddos are awake, but if you need to take a break to feed, hold, snuggle, dance, sing whatever the case may be do it, but DO NOT stop until that project is complete or you may never come back to it.  Keep in mind that if you can’t do an entire room in one sitting then simply do  la drawer. Little by little will get you to the finish line.

As for ideas, storage solutions etc…Pinterest is a great place to start.  It helps simply gather your thoughts or gives you creative ways on how you can store and organize items.  TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Dollar Tree are all worth checking out for deals on storage solutions!

Best wishes for a fabulous and clutter free 2016!

Mission Organization

I promised I would share pictures along the way of project declutter and organize 2016! Here’s the first baby step we took in the kitchen.  It’s definitely  a Pinterest inspo!  Clear the clutter on your counter top and keep all your oils, salts, peppers, etc in one spot!

Here’s the before:


This $9.99 basket from TJ Maxx created the after. You can keep your cutting boards in the basket or behind it for quick access.  For an even cleaner look stash them in a drawer.



Oatmeal Tip

This tip came from my sister and has worked magic for our twins!  As any parent would agree, you always want your littles to eat the healthiest food.  Much was my disappointment when our girls would eat 2 bites of oatmeal (if that).  Long story short, prep your oatmeal as you normally do then pour that baby in your baby bullet (I use our Nutri Bullet) and blend away.  SUCCESS in our home, the girls now love oatmeal!

Natural Scent

I can’t stress how much I love candles, wax melts, basically anything that smells good.  Now that we have our twins I’m always looking for ways to do things a little more natural so we can all (they mainly) breathe in cleaner fresher air.  I kept stumbling across a lot of pics of lemon or oranges in a pot with a few herbs and as simple as that you have a natural delicious smelling house. As the girls napped I gazed into our fruit basket and pulled out the two lemons we had, went into the pantry…the rest is history!

Here’s the quickest way to have your house smelling like vanilla pound cake.



  • 2 lemons
  • 2-3 sticks of cinnamon
  • Vanilla
  • 2-3 cups water


Add the water to a pot, slice the lemons and add all ingredients.  Place over low heat and allow the smell to gradually infuse your house.

Tip: I was able to reuse this over the course of a week, I would add more water and sprinkle cinnamon and the smell would keep going.  The best way to do this is probably a small crockpot, but I was testing it out and did it over the stove and it worked well.

Marinade Prep

I’m always looking for shortcuts to meals during the week.  A few years back I started marinating meats and chicken when I purchased them.  This was incredibly helpful after a long day of work not to mention it infused the meat/chicken with so much flavor!  For some reason I stopped doing this, but now with twins in tow and going back to work soon I must find a way to simplify our weeknight meals without sacrificing flavor.  Give yourself a hand during the week, once you purchase your meats simply season and separate them; place in freezer bags, label each bag with the meat and marinade and freeze.  Be creative, Italian, BBQ, garlic, teriyaki, etc… Each flavor will encourage a different meal and best of all you simply defrost and cook!  The hard part is done, not to mention the meat will be full of flavor since it has been marinating for a while!  A great benefit is being able to portion out your meats especially if you buy in bulk.  This is helpful if you’re cooking for one or ten.

Buen Provecho!

Balsamic Vinaigrette

Are you in need of a light, tangy and delicious dressing for your summer salads?  This dressing will meet all of those requirements. It’s creamy, tangy and delicious!  I’m leaving out the measurements on this one because they’ll vary depending on two things; 1. how much you’re making and 2. how tangy or sweet you want it.


  • Good quality olive oil
  • Good quality balsamic vinegar
  • Dijon mustard
  • Honey
  • Salt and Pepper


The oil to vinegar ratio is 2-1, 2 parts oil to 1 part vinegar and the Dijon and honey will be about 1-2 Tbsp depending on how much you’re making.  Add the oil, vinegar, Dijon mustard, honey and salt.  Mix in a blender to create an emulsion. You can store this dressing in the fridge for several months.  This dressing goes very well with a spinach, strawberry and candied walnut salad!  Buen Provecho!


Tasty Additions:  Feel free to add finely minced garlic or shallots for additional flavor and texture.

The jar in the picture was a Home Goods buy, it actually has recipes for other dressings, if you can find one BUY IT!

New Year Goals

When we think about the “New Year” we usually connect it to change; what change we wish to see in ourselves whether they are physical, financial, social etc… Whatever your “change” may be, the biggest one that is promoted is health and fitness.  We see the stores stocked with workout gear and equipment and gym’s offering great enrollment offers.  We begin to tweak our recipes and adjust our eating habits in order to fulfill our goals and achieve what we’ve set-out to accomplish. 

With that in mind, I’m on a quest to find the yummiest, healthiest smoothies both pre and post workout; especially any which the runners out there drink.  I’ve signed up for my first ½ marathon and must have the proper nutrition in order to train and maintain proper energy levels.  Send in all of your smoothie recommendations and suggestions!   

Keep fueling on veggies and lean proteins, set weekly goals and get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.  Keep a journal and track your progress; and most importantly set realistic goals!  We’ll all reach our goals before we know it! 

Bueno Provecho!

Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2014 everyone!  Thank you to all who have registered for email updates and kept track of the blog and its progress!  It means a lot to have a small following, hopefully this year I’ll see the list grow.

2013 finished off great, I celebrated a big birthday in Vegas with my hubby and wonderful friends now it’s back to work and back to reality, vacation is over (for now).  For those of us celebrating Three Kings day or Dia de Los Reyes, hope you’re all enjoying your “roscas” alongside your loved ones.

Cheers to setting and most importantly meeting all the goals you’ve set for 2014!  Focus on each goal one day at a time and be realistic, with yourself and your expectations.

A few of my 2014 goals are:

  1. Be better organized with my weekly meal prepping.
  2. Focus on becoming a healthier person on a regular basis, not only 2 days a week (shame on me).
  3. Post at least 1 recipe or tip every week.
  4. Be more creative with decorating my tablescapes with items we currently own that have been tossed aside…and possibly forgotten.

Raise your glass and toast to a wonderful, fabulous, fit and healthy 2014!  Buen Provecho!