Mission Organization 2016

Hello all!  I’m taking it 2 steps back today.  A few people have asked what my plan is (if any) in my organization and decluttering and/or do I follow anyone’s plan.  Here’s how I’m laying out my mission.  I have found that with twin toddlers I can’t really have a “schedule” because each day can be different depending on the wonderful moods of toddlers.  What I do is each month I write down what I want to accomplish and I basically give myself the entire month to do it.  For instance January is the hallway closet and garage.  I’m not adding more because for those that have seen our garage, you know it’s going to take probably half the month to clean out.  I’ve given myself a realistic timeline (again factoring our lovely little ladies) of 6 months to declutter and organize this entire house!

Write your goals for the month on your calendar, where you have a “notes” section, not on a date unless you know for a fact you’ll be able to do it on that date.  When the time allows get to work and do not stop unless it’s done.  This is difficult if your kiddos are awake, but if you need to take a break to feed, hold, snuggle, dance, sing whatever the case may be do it, but DO NOT stop until that project is complete or you may never come back to it.  Keep in mind that if you can’t do an entire room in one sitting then simply do  la drawer. Little by little will get you to the finish line.

As for ideas, storage solutions etc…Pinterest is a great place to start.  It helps simply gather your thoughts or gives you creative ways on how you can store and organize items.  TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Dollar Tree are all worth checking out for deals on storage solutions!

Best wishes for a fabulous and clutter free 2016!